Video Streaming & Management Portal for Governments

Securely stream government broadcasts and meetings, engage citizens and train government stakeholders while adhering to all statutory and regulatory compliances

Streamlining Interagency Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing


Interoffice All-Hands Meetings

Live stream all-hands meetings on a secure & compliant video streaming & management solution across various government facilities, accessible to viewers on any device. Automatically record and archive the stream for on-demand usage.


Mission-Critical Agency Collaboration

Instantly share videos, images and documents across agencies in a user-friendly, secure and compliant video platform without file size limitations or network issues. Scale the exchange of ideas and information sharing between government personnel.


User-Generated Content Documentation

Record, manage and share knowledge from government experts with your teams and colleagues. The video platform acts as a knowledge management repository for managing valuable user-generated content from veterans and experts.

Flexible Application Deployment Models

  • Deployable on the Azure Government Cloud and AWS GovCloud (US) for federal, state and local agencies with the broadest compliance certifications and dedicated government datacenters
  • Highly customizable platform capabilities for on-premise deployments
  • Secure cloud deployment and hybrid cloud flexibility for agencies to leverage on-premise datacenters

Deploy in Government Cloud

  • Cloud exclusively dedicated for federal, state, local and tribal governments
  • Highest level of statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Hybrid deployment – a combination of on-cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • Access to all cutting-edge cloud technologies

Strengthening Public Relations and Community Management


Public/Constituent Relations

Broadcast live and recorded video messages to build better connections with your constituents and the general public. Engage them with high-quality, interactive live video sessions using live chat, polls, surveys and Q&A on any device.


Emergency Response Messaging

Be more prepared and responsive to emergencies using video messaging to communicate quickly when reaching out to the public. Also, deliver engaging video press releases to the media and highly impactful PSA videos that resonate with the citizens.


Telework Video Documentation

Communicate remotely via online video conferencing channels while traveling, working from home, etc. Store and manage all your video conferencing videos securely in your video platform where they are ingested automatically.

Empowering Law Enforcement Officers with Video Streaming for Scalable Training and Communication


Secure Information Sharing

Quickly disseminate mission-critical news or informational videos to the military or law enforcement personnel anywhere. Deliver all videos within a secure and compliant video platform accessible to authorized staff on any device and any network.


Onboarding and Simulation Training

Empower new recruits with video training for various skills and simulated scenarios from the field. Shorten onboarding with self-paced training videos and track user engagement & video completion to ensure training effectiveness.


Compliance and IT Training

Quickly deliver new policies, and provide mandatory compliance and IT-based training to government stakeholders and test the knowledge of officers with quizzes via a single video platform for highly engaging, cost-effective training.


Time-Cost Optimization

Replace traditional classroom training sessions with scalable and reusable training videos available to all officers through a single video platform accessible from anywhere, anytime and save resources.


Just-in-Time Training

Explore new avenues for officers to quickly learn how to handle new scenarios or unique situations they encounter on a regular basis through videos recorded with body cams or dash cams by on-duty officers.


Engagement via Live Training

Create a high-impact learning experience for trainees to learn from real-life situations and scenarios and ask questions via live chat where seniors or professionals can respond for faster and more effective training.

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